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Here is a sampling what is growing in Major Pettigew’s garden:

a gooseberry patch, which edged the side garden

"Perilla frutescens" most likely the "purple cabbage-like oddity" Major's wife swore was mint, but he was too afraid to eat

clumps of gold and red chrysanthemums

the mats of dianthus sprawled onto the path like blue hair

yellowing foliage of the lilies

"That purple flower on the wall is like an enormous jewel." - Mrs. Ali. She pointed to where a late clematis spread its last five or six flowers


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A sampling of Mrs. Ali’s books that she checks out of her library:

  • a Colette novel (page 45), such as “Cheri: and, The Last Cheri” by Colette, in the fiction section of the Lisle Library


  • de Maupassant stories (page 45), such as “A Parisian Love Affair, and other stories” in the fiction section of the Lisle Library


  • a poetry anthology (page 45), such as “The Norton Anthology of Poetry” in the nonfiction section at Lisle Library


  • “Puck of Pook’s Hill” by Kipling (page 61), available to get through InterLibrary Loan

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Have you started Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand? If you have, you may be wondering about Edgecombe St. Mary, the beloved village where our protagonist lives in Rose Lodge. Unfortunately, Edgecombe St. Mary is a fictional place; but author Helen Simonson lived in the English Countryside on the South English coast of East Sussex – and this seems to be the basis for our Major Pettigrew’s surroundings. Here’s a sample from Flickr of the countryside:

Rey, East Sussex

Lewes, East Sussex

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Gathering  information on Loving Frank author Nancy Horan can be tricky, but this is what is out there:

Her bio on GoodReads says: Nancy Horan is a writer and a journalist whose work has appeared in numerous publications. She lives on an island in Puget Sound with her husband and two sons. Loving Frank is her first novel.

Her official website is: http://www.nancyhoran.com/ (but as of 3/20/2012 the site is currently under construction).

Loving Frank’s official website is : http://www.randomhouse.com/rhpg/lovingfrank/

If you are interested in a tour of Frank Lloyd Write architecture in Oak Park (where he built a home for Mamah & Edwin Cheney) check out this site http://www.gowright.org/, or in Wisconsin (where he built a home for himself & Mamah) – http://www.wrightinwisconsin.org/.

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On March 5th Booked For The Day met to discuss Loving Frank by Nancy Horan. The novel is based on the true-life love affair between Mamah Cheney and Frank Lloyd Wright; and while the book took place over 100 years ago; we were surprised at how shocking and relevant the themes and events were today.

Almost the entire book is from Mamah’s point of view; and many of us questioned her choices; from beginning and continuing her affair with Frank, to leaving her husband and children, to her travels abroad. Some thought of her as selfish, others thought she was naive;  and everyone agreed that she could have thought through her decisions more.

At the turn of the last century reporters for newspapers may not have been known as paparazzi; but we did find there was a lot of cross-over between the reporters of the 1900’s and their contemporaries today. They staked themselves outside of Mamah & Frank’s home on Christmas morning!

While we may have found some of the character’s choices to be questionable; the book provided for a very lively discussion!

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Welcome to the blog for Lisle Library’s Booked for the Day book discussion group. We read a variety of titles; both non-fiction and fiction, and we meet in Meeting Room B of the Lisle Library  on the first Monday of every month at 11:00 am. Please join us for a lively discussion, all are welcome!

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