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Wes Moore

After reading Wes Moore’s book The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates, you can hear him too; here is the trailer for the book.

Wes was also on Oprah; check it out on Oprah’s website here.

Don’t forget – we’re meeting on Monday July 2nd at 11:00 a.m. to discuss The Other Wes Moore.




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The Library of Congress recently compiled a list of “Books that shaped America” for an exhibition, saying:

“This list is a starting point,” said Librarian of Congress James H. Billington. “It is not a register of the ‘best’ American books – although many of them fit that description. Rather, the list is intended to spark a national conversation on books written by Americans that have influenced our lives, whether they appear on this initial list or not.”

On the list is Little Women by Louise May Alcott; which Booked For The Day will be reading next June!


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“The Other Wes Moore” author Wes Moore describes how reading Colin Powell’s autobiography “My American Journey” was inspirational and helped him choose the direction he wanted to take after high school.

       “But there was a more recent author and public figure who work spoke to the core of a new set of issues I was struggling with: the Bronx’s own Colin Powell.” – page 131.

You can find Lisle Library’s copy of this autobiography here.


            Colin Powell also has  a new book out, just released in May 2012 –“It Worked For Me: In Life and Leadership”.


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Looking for the entire list from our 2012-2013 book ballot? It on a sub-page under the tab “Previous Reads” at the top of this page.

Just click on the “Previous Reads” at the top of this page, then scroll down to the bottom of the page, it says “This page has the following sub pages” and then click the link for “2012-2013 Book Suggestions.”

Happy Reading!

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I (Alex) made an apple-pear galette & chocolate covered strawberries for the book discussion of Persuasion, (and watched the 2007 BBC production of Persuasion while I baked!).

The recipe for the galette is from the magazine Real Simple, and can be found here. It take about a half hour to make and an hour to bake; but it isn’t too difficult, and looks – and tastes – fabulous!

The chocolate covered strawberries are also from Real Simpl, are super easy to make, and are especially tasty this time of year! Here is the instructions.

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Jane Austen’s Persuasion left much to be discussed; everything from the writing style (and using words like “Hitherto”) to the culture of the day in the early 1800’s, to just keeping track of who was who in the novel!

A majority of the group thought the book was a struggle to read; one person had finished it just that morning; and two had not finished it yet! However, one person found that they really enjoyed reading about that time period. Almost everyone though struggled with keeping track of all the characters, and many found that they were re-reading paragraphs to try and really comprehend what was happening. Many people thought that it was a book that required a close reading; not something to be skimmed.

There was a lot of discussion as well about the fact that this was Jane Austen’s last novel; and that it was printed after she had died. We all wondered if it was perhaps a first draft, or were left wondering how much time she really got to spend on it. Many of us had heard from other friends and readers that enjoy Austen’s work that Persuasion is one of the hardest of her books to read; and that it is not often the book they would choose to introduce someone to Austen’s writing.

Still, everyone thought it was great to get to “check an Austen book off the reading list!”

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