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The Lisle Library District will be closed on Monday, December 3rd, 2012 for maintenance purposes.  For this reason, the Booked for the Day book Group will meet at the Starbucks in Lisle @ 11:00 a.m to discuss The Turn of the Screw by Henry James. The address for the Starbucks is 1048 Maple Avenue and it is on the corner of Maple and Route 53.  Hope to see everyone there!


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December meeting

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Recently the National Book Foundation announced its winners for the 2012 National Book Awards. The non-fiction award winner is “Behind the Beautiful Forevers” by Katherine Book, and the fiction winner is “The Round House” by Louise Erdich. Both can be found at The Lisle Library; you can check our catalog here, and read more from the National Book Foundation at their website, here.

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A “New York” cheesecake for a book about the New York Medical Examiner’s Office!


Booked for the Day had a lively discussion about “The Poisoner’s Handbook: murder and the birth of forensic medicine in Jazz Age New York” by Deborah Blum. There was no one at the discussion who disliked the book, and reaction ranged from general enjoyment to really loving it. When asked if they would recommend the book to someone else; almost everyone said they already had, or would, or would for the right person – a person who liked science book.

Most people said they found the science interesting; and that the chemistry actually seemed more graphic than the murders described in the book. We talked about the most memorable cases in the story; and how even though the book takes place 80 years ago; there were still some parallels to our modern time – like a big corporation not taking responsibility for all of the potentially harmful action to its workers.

We also talked about how far forensic science seems to have come, and how the book did a great job of really painting the picture of the birth of this science, of how much work went into developing procedures and experiments to further forensic medicine.

We discussed the structure of the book as well; how many of us when starting the book thought it would have a more narrative tone of following a handful of characters – and while Norris and Gettler remain the constants in each chapter, the arc of the book is really around each chapter’s poison and the story of forensic medicine. While everyone agreed that they liked the book, many of us admitted that it was easy to put down and then pick up a couple days later – it didn’t stick with us or seem like a “page-turner”.

But overall, everyone did find the book highly enjoyable and it provided for a great discussion.

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Some people liked it, some people definitely did not; but everyone in Booked For The Day had an opinion about the thriller “Before I Go To Sleep” by S.J. Watson when we discussed it in October. And now it’s being made into a movie! EarlyWord.com is reporting that Nicole Kidman is signed on to play Christine, and that the film just cast Mark Strong as the doctor trying to help her reclaim her memory. You can read the EarlyWord article here, and there is a little mention of the film adaptation on the Wikipedia article for the book, here.

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